Friday, 19 July 2013

Bar Necklaces

I started making these necklaces with the pieces of sea glass I couldn't find matching pairs for. I have so many tiny 'singles' that are lovely, but not 'earring-able'.

The first one - blues - on a hammered and drilled silver bar:

My second so far is slightly more 'sophisticated' - with granules, serrated bezel strip and green milk glass (also sea glass but opaque).

I knew I wanted to oxidised this one, but then the indecision starts - buff or leave black? I love black metal, especially with coloured stones, but I know not everyone does, and it is not permanent unless lacquered. So here are two versions - black and buffed silver - which do you prefer?

Green Sea Glass Bar Necklace Oxidised Black

Green Sea Glass Bar Necklace Oxidised and Buffed


  1. This is a beautiful new design. I love the bar idea.

    Hard to choose between the two versions; The black looks more raw and suits the sea glass as a sort of found object. The buffed one is a more dainty and summery look. Both gorgeous, I think.

    Third option would be to tumble the black one to make it all shiny and steel grey :oD

    1. Hi Nana, thanks for that - another option to confuse me :-)
      I actually hadn't thought of that and of course - will give it a try!

  2. Wonderful pieces. I like it both ways, but I do find the black striking


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