Friday, 5 July 2013

Four Shades of Crackle

Since going mudlarking last week, I have been busy making pottery shard jewellery again.
Sea glass is wonderful, and often the bright colours of the glass succeed in seducing me, but not this week.

These earrings were in my head for a long time until I got round to making them - does that ever happen to you? Anyway - they came out pretty much as I thought they would, although after I finished them I thought of a better, neater way of making the circles, which I will try next time.

Everyone is raving about the wonderful hot weekend we are going to have, except me. It's way too hot for me, my favourite weather is 'overcast with a good chance of rain'.

So here they are, my crackle shard quatrefoil earrings:

Quatrefoil crackle shard earrings in oxidised silver


  1. Those are beautiful, I often have ideas ruminating for ages before they come to fruition, sometimes they need to marinate for a while.
    I'm hoping for the good weather this weekend, as we're going to the wedding of a very special couple so I'm hoping for them that the weather will be glorious.

  2. Lovely Tania, I know you love the crackle pieces. I tentatively began my mosaic piece yesterday, only laying out the pieces mind! Julia

  3. If you will take a loke at som Norwegian Jewels
    From Ingun


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