Thursday, 1 August 2013

White Bar and Multi Blue Bar Necklaces

It's too hot to work again, the heat just drains the energy out of me. Soldering makes one even hotter, and it's impossible to do with a fan on. I did manage to make a couple more bar necklaces this week, along with some other bits and bobs.

White sea glass bar necklace, with serrated bezels, in oxidised silver:

White Sea Glass Bar Necklace

I rarely use white sea glass as it is 'common' but it is still very pretty, so I will try and use more of it. The next one is made out of 'multis' - I am beginning to see why these are so sought after. The pieces I used here are tiny, but larger specimens are highly sought after by collectors.

Multi Blues Sea Glass Bar Necklace

Some of the other pieces I made this week are these pendants - I am enjoying using the serrated bezel strip I bought, it is pretty and makes setting easier, especially round bends!

Seafoam Sea Glass Pendant

Purple and Green Sea Glass Pendant

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