Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sanding and Polishing

This time I thought I'd share a couple of pendant drill (flex-shaft) accessories I have recently tried out, and am happy with. The first one is a pink silicone polishing wheel.
I don't have a polishing motor in my studio, due to lack of space, so this wheel is great for one of the jobs I do often but don't particularly enjoy - polishing the sharp ends of ear wires, to make them smooth enough to wear. I also use it for taking the sharp edge off bezels etc'.
I bought five of these last month, thinking I would have to replace them often as they wore down, but a month later I'm still on my first - and it gets used daily. Only about half has worn away...
An excellent tool!

Pink silicon polishing wheel, available from Bellore

The second is a very recent addition to my kit - bought just yesterday, but they are already my favourite:
Paper polishing discs. They come in three grits, coarse, medium and fine.

Paper polishing discs, available from Cookson

They didn't come with instructions, but I used two, back to back, on a mandrel, so that you have two working surfaces, depending on your angle. That worked fine for me! They get into very tight spots that are awkward to sand manually, and do the job (of sanding off excess solder for example) in no time!

I bought the medium grit, since I had to try them out first and medium seemed 'all purpose' - there are 100 in there and they should last ages! 

I love finding tools to make my work more efficient and have a better finish - please let me know which are your favourites!

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