Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bottle Fair at Berkhampstead

This Sunday I visited another bottle fair, to see old bottles which have been dug up from Victorian rubbish tips. As well as bottles, these fairs have all manner of collectibles - kitchenware, matchboxes, advertising and other ephemera.
After examining all the Bellarmine jars I started looking at the old postcards.
A fascinating world - I managed to get away before I could start up a new collection (my favourites of course were 'novelty', fairies, children's, ethnic). However - I couldn't resist this one - just because it is so strange, and of such a different time.
A time when it was ok to make postcards of little boys pretending to shoot fluffy bunnies...

Another thing which caught my eye and which I just had to have, were some old bone, hand carved Edwardian or Victorian toothbrushes.
They were found in a tip, and cleaned up by the guy who sold them to me. He told me that one could have them 're-bristled' if one wished.
But no - I plan to make them into bracelets somehow, someday...

They would have been used with tooth powder which would have been found in containers such as these, which I bought at the last bottle fair I visited.

Isn't old stuff just gorgeous?

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