Monday, 25 November 2013

Red Sea Glass Pendant

Finished at last - this sea glass pendant which I couldn't decide how to finish. That doesn't often happen to me as I usually have a clear image in my mind of a completed piece.

First I didn't like the standard chain, so I made a hand made chain for it, then when it was polished - the chain with the pendant seemed like an overkill - the chain looked too busy and distracting...
So I bought a different kind of chain, and decided to oxidize and buff the pendant to a satin finish (it was too shiny!) and now, after all that, I am happy with it at last...

As a result, I have an unoccupied chain which I really enjoyed making, took ages and ages, and I think is quite nice as it is:

Or  - I could make another one and then enamel each individual dot in a different colour... 

That could look gorgeous! 
Now why do I always have to complicate things :-)


  1. LOVE this one ... that red looks so luscious nestled in your silver pendant! I can see your point with the chain, but it really is lovely!

  2. Enameled dots would definately be gorgeous. Love your designs ;)

  3. I love the chain you made and can see why it took ages! I think the chain you went for with the pendant in the end echos the pebble shapes really well.

  4. Thanks all of you for your kind comments :-)


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