Friday, 22 November 2013

Snowflake Earrings

A bad experience with a casting company (for casting silver) as a student made me reluctant to try it again, and all of my work since has been 'one offs'.
However, I decided to give it another chance (somewhere else) with some snowflake earrings I designed for Christmas.

I made the 'master' at the top by soldering silver granules together, which took quite a while.
It got made into a mould, from which I had multiples cast. There was a lot of work cleaning up and polishing the castings (in the middle) but not as much as making each one from scratch :-)

The resulting earrings are at the bottom, set with small moonstones.

I'm not afraid of casting anymore, and can see the possibilities!


  1. Very pretty and most definitely worth the cleaning up :D

  2. oh wow ... one more talent to add to your many! these are lovely Tania!


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