Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Enamelling Course Lesson 2 - 'Wet Packing'

It's been such a long day - first the enamelling course, then the opening evening of our end of year show.
I got home really late and there was nothing in the fridge...

The enamelling course was fun - we learnt how to grind and wash enamels, and to use them wet. The result is smoother, and you have more control over where the colour goes. Much much better than sifting!

We also used foil under transparent enamel - I loved that.  We were there for the whole day and I only have three pieces to show for it... But I am quite proud of them. I can definitely see myself getting into enamelling in a big way.


Using a quill to place the enamel onto the copper

freshly ground colours - ready to use

Top - transparent turquoise on white background.
Left - silver foil under cherry red (looks gold)
Right - Silver foil over royal blue, with transparent blue on top

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