Thursday, 22 September 2011

Origin Contemporary Craft Fair - My Favourites

Sophie Woodrow - it was worth going just to see these amazing sculptures!
click for a larger image

This was my first visit to Origin. At first I thought it was going to be a jewellery fair, but it was for all contemporary crafts. I recognised quite a few exhibitors from previous visits to craft fairs, and I'm learning a bit about the life of a jeweller - doing lots of fairs it seems!

I found a jewellery artist who collects pottery shards from the Thames and used them in her work... A very different approach to mine - her work is big and bold... Very nice stuff.

Amanda Caines:

There were other artists who were new to me as well, and here are the links to the ones I liked most:


 Pauline Edie: - silver and porcelain

Jee Yun Chung: - Jee crochets plastic thread onto wire structures - original and beautiful.

Alison Macleod: - uses found objects, very nice work!

Liliana Guerreiro: - twisted wire work, I especially loved the rings

Rose Ellen Cobb: porcelain jewellery...


Sophie Woodrow: - amazing porcelain sculpture

Chris Barnes - - I loved the colours!

Adam Frew - - nice little stampings on the pieces. Just really nice!

Sue Binns - - stripy pottery gets me every time!

There were also many textile artists and glass artists there as well, but I notice those less to be honest :-)

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