Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Geoffrey Casbard - Master Engraver

This morning I had the pleasure and honour of meeting one of Britain's top engravers - Geoffrey Casbard. He is a family friend of a friend, so I actually got to meet him at his studio, in his house in Hertfordshire. He has spent most of his career engraving guns, and his work is exquisite, breathtaking.  

He explained a little about the tools that he uses - he sharpens his gravers to a fine point as he mostly works on steel which is much harder than copper or silver, and the tools need to be flexible or they will break. He also showed me how he did gold inlay into the steel - all using tools he had made himself.

I looked through books of prints which he had made from the actual engravings - which he has as samples and reference. He told me that he still makes samples when he has time - to practice! This from someone who has been engraving for the last 40 years at least.

When I asked him what tips he would give me - a very early beginner - he said that practice and more practice - oh, and save up for an engraver's block!

He very kindly allowed me to take some photos which I told him I would put on the blog.

His workbench and engraver's block

Engraved gun parts from his album of work - I love the gold ducks!

Engraved gun with grotesque design

Pendant that he made just for fun and to practice! Gold inlay on steel

Book of prints taken from actual engravings

Another 'practice piece' - work in progress

I found this image online - one of his engraved gun parts with gold inlay

Another image I found online showing his engraving on a gun

And if that weren't enough excitement for one day - I also discovered W. E. John's house in Hertford! I had actually walked past it without noticing on my way to Kat's studio last time in was in Hertford - what a disgrace! At least I noticed it today!

Captain W. E. John's House in Hertford

Captain W. E. John's House - plaque

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  1. What a wonderful experience......a meeting to remember forever.

    Mr. Casbards work is exquisite, he must have a very steady hand and a great eye for detail.

    Practice and more practice, it's the same for everything in life isn't it?

    Claire :}


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