Thursday, 10 May 2012

Recycled Thames Glass Bracelet

I managed to sneak in another bracelet by working extra hours in the evenings - so this one is made out of pieces of glass which I found on the Thames shore, and formed into cabochons in my kiln.

The pieces of glass I find mostly have very subtle shades of green and blue, and I have combined those here. The glass behaves unexpectedly in the kiln - some goes transparent, some goes cloudy, some shiny and some frosty. I suspect that reflects the age of the glass but I can't be sure (cloudy/frosted = older?).

Recycled glass bracelet - the 'after' picture
Glass shards from the Thames - the 'before' picture


  1. Those pieces of glass in the before pic remind me of shards of toffee.......not that I ever ate blue toffee!

    But they are such delicious colours.....

    The bracelet is beautiful, must be interesting seeing how they react in the kiln......

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glass ... such a pretty piece!


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