Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Designers 2012 - Conclusions

So it's all over now, months of preparation, 4 long days of exhibiting...
Overall a really good experience!
All the pieces I exhibited are on my website - on the gallery page. (That website is work in progress, but it's all I could manage before the exhibition).

Although I had sold my jewellery before, it was only online, with no opportunity to interact with the people who were looking at it. It was good to speak to people and tell them about my collection.

It was interesting for me to learn that while it seems completely obvious to me what the jewellery is made from, most people had no idea, and were quite surprised when I told them it was pottery shards from the Thames.

From tomorrow morning it's back to reality, planning and working out the future. No more college which is strange, I will miss it a little!
Officially no longer a student, I guess I am now a jewellery designer!


  1. Well done Ms Tan(i)a Covo Jewellery Designer extraordinaire!!

  2. Hey Tania, congratulations on the exhibition I hope it was a great success for you.
    Always great to have an opportunity to speak directly with people about your work and get some feedback......
    Great to put a face to the name now and welcome to a new chapter in your story, wishing you every success in the future as an accomplished Jewellery Designer......

    Claire :}

  3. Congratulations! Your website is well done, and I expect you'll be having a lot of success with the Shards collection. I got a chuckle out of the hens with eggs.


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