Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Broken Pliers

Has anyone ever managed to do this?

I was stretching open a jump ring for a chain, when it suddenly snapped! If anything, it is usually the jump rings that pop open at the seam if I stretch them too much. I must have soldered that one well!

Oh well, the pliers lasted three years of heavy use, but I am still quite surprised...


  1. Have you been eating lots of spinach...............?

  2. Must have been that spinach :-)

  3. Let me guess...they're made in China. For jewelry tools, always try to avoid the ones made in India or China, and stick to the ones made in Switzerland, Germany, or the USA. I have German-made jewelry tools that are 40+ years old that are good as new, but until I learned my lesson about spending the money for quality, I broke many a tool of Chinese or Indian manufacture.


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